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    • Universal Display contracts with Duksan Hi-Metal to provide manufacturing services for OLED Host Material as part of Universal Display’s localization plan to support the growing OLED industry in Korea
    • Universal Display Purchases FujiFilm's Worldwide OLED Patent Portfolio for $105 Million
    • OLED Luminaire Revel wins major award at Lightfair - The Innovation of the Year Award. The beautiful lighting design contains white OLED lighting panels developed and produced by LG Chem using UniversalPHOLED technology and materials.
    • Proprietary, single layer encapsulation technology unveiled by Universal Display for high-performance, cost-effective packaging of OLEDs and other thin film devices
    • CBS News features “OLED pioneer” Universal Display and reports on OLED technology as a long-term, energy-efficient lighting solution Click for Video 
    • Universal Display Announces Significant Advances in Solution-Processible Phosphorescent OLED Material Systems for Potential Low-Cost OLED Manufacturing
    • Universal Display, in Collaboration with LG Display and L-3 Display Systems, Delivers Wrist-Mounted Flexible Phosphorescent OLED Display Prototypes to U.S. Army for Field Testing 
    • New Light-Blue UniversalPHOLED™ emitter system introduced for major performance enhancements for PHOLED display and white lighting applications
    • Universal Display introduces novel PHOLED display architecture using novel four sub-pixel design with potential to accelerate the commercial introduction of all-phosphorescent active-matrix OLEDs with enhanced power efficiency and extended lifetime
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